The rfm tool

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Realised by
J-P. Meyer


rfm is a tool used to start a new process on the most available MELISSA node. This process can be of any type involving or not the use of X11 windows. First make sure that the tool is available on the machine you are currently using by typing the command:

which rfm

If which does not find the rfm tool please contact me. It probably means that we need to install the tool localy on your prefered machine. It could also happen that your path is still set in such a way that you find the tool but it does not work because the system on your local machine is incompatible with the rfm installation on a NSF mounted disk. In any case you can always connect to one of the daplxa generic machine (this is not a MELISSA machine) using the command:

ssh -X

Make shure that in your path you have added /home/manip/mnt/atlas/bin because this is the directory where rfm is currently installed on MELISSA. You now may have a first try typing:

rfm ls

which will list the files contained into your current directory.

Please note that the options listed in the simple options and applications menus should be placed before the command you want to execute on the less loaded Melissa node.