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last revision: 29/09/2005

the rfm tool
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Realised by
J-P. Meyer


Installed Software


Right now the only official users of Melissa are ATLAS members. There for all usefully software have been installed on the ATLAS group disk. In future it is planed to install them on a special disk area dedicated only to the Melissa users. To use the Melissa software you need to modify your .login file as shown in the description page.


Available softwares

  • ROOT
    • installed version: v4.02.00 , v4.03.04 , v4.04.02
    • directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/jpmeyer/install/melissa/root
    • v4.02.00 is also installed on each node in directory /usr/local/root


    • installed version: 2004
    • directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/jpmeyer/install/melissa/cern/pro


    • installed version:
    • src directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/jpmeyer/install/melissa/clhep
    • lib directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/lib


  • DAWN
    • installed version: 3_86a
    • directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/jpmeyer/install/melissa/dawn


  • GEANT4
    • installed version: 4.7.0.p01
    • directory: /home/manip/mnt/atlas/jpmeyer/install/melissa/geant4


If you would like any other soft to be installed on Melissa please contact me.